Ian Creasey — Continuity

The complete list of my published work is shown on the Bibliography page.  This page lists only the stories that are connected in some way, such as being part of a series or featuring a shared character.  Within each category, the stories are shown in reading order where applicable, and otherwise in publication order.

Drake's Devices

These stories are set in a wacky milieu of eccentric scientists.  The first three stories listed are about Drake, who sells equipment to the scientists; the final piece mentioned is more loosely connected and is about Audran, one of the scientists.

Ormonde and Chase

Travis Chase and Harriet Ormonde run a business selling genetically engineered plants.

Parallel Universes

These stories have different characters, but they're set in the same near-future milieu where parallel worlds have been discovered and anyone can travel between them.  (The concept of parallel universes also appears in a couple of other stories; the stories listed here are those set in a specific coherent milieu that I intend to develop further.)

Standard/Enhanced Humans

In a future where body resculpting is commonplace, sports and athletics competitions are divided between Standard and Enhanced humans.

Superheroes and Supervillains

These stories have different characters, but they're set in the same superhero/supervillain milieu.

Susanna Munro

Susanna Munro is a journalist who appears in four stories.  In the first two, she is a secondary character; in the last two, she is the protagonist.

Continuity last updated: 15 August 2022