Escape Routes from Earth by Ian Creasey — collection details

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If the end of the world arrived, would you live-tweet the apocalypse?  If you were sick of dieting, would you use an alien flesh-eating parasite to lose weight?  And if you could grow wings, would you abandon life on the ground and live in the sky?

Escape Routes from Earth is a collection of 14 science fiction stories, all previously published in magazines such as Asimov's Science Fiction.

How would you celebrate your 250th wedding anniversary?  What souvenirs would you buy on another world?  Why would you upload your mind into a computer?

And how can an escapologist escape from a black hole?

The table of contents is listed below.  (The original publication venues are noted in brackets; for further details, click the "info" links.)

Page last updated: 25 January 2016