The Shapes of Strangers by Ian Creasey — collection details

Shapes of Strangers cover illustration
Cover illustration by Vincent Sammy, for story "The Equalisers"

Available in the following editions:

Here's the publisher's blurb: "A major new collection from one of British Science Fiction's most accomplished short story writers.  From the chilling implications of cloning to the potential of alternative realities, from alien life encountered in unexpected ways to the pitfalls of relying too heavily on technology, these stories explore what may lie ahead for all of us.  Sometimes delivered with wry humour, sometimes with dark portent, but always in entertaining and unexpected fashion."

The table of contents is listed below.  Of the 14 stories, 13 are new in the sense that they didn't appear in my previous self-published collections; the exception is "Erosion", which I included as it's my best-known story.

For a quick preview of the collection, see this Twitter thread with one tweet for each story.

Page last updated: 10 April 2019