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This table contains free audio downloads of my stories.  I recorded some of these myself; others are podcasts distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 licence (or similar).  If you enjoy the podcasts, please consider visiting Dunesteef, Escape Pod, Fantasy Scroll Mag, Pseudopod and StarShipSofa, and supporting their work.

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File Size
Genre Details Recorded By
The Adventures of Captain Contempt in Mixed Media Installations 33:47 24 SF info Fantasy Scroll Mag
Best In Show – Part 1 17:17 16 SF/Comedy info Comets and Criminals
Best In Show – Part 2 32:44 31 SF/Comedy info Comets and Criminals
Death and Taxes 3:00 7 SF/Comedy info Author
Demonstration Day – Part 1 26:56 25 SF/Comedy info The Great Beyond
Demonstration Day – Part 2 21:35 20 SF/Comedy info The Great Beyond
The Edge of the Map 38:30
(of 59:23 total, starting at 1:05)
56 SF info Dunesteef
The Hastillan Weed 41:20 29 SF info Escape Pod
How I Lost Eleven Stone and Found Love 26:40
(of 50:38 total, starting at 22:15)
24 SF info StarShipSofa
Joining the High Flyers 1:07:25
(of 1:49:56 total, starting at 38:51)
56 SF info StarShipSofa
Memories of the Knacker's Yard 36:03 25 SF/Horror info Pseudopod
Mr Tastee 15:31 36 SF/Fantasy info Author
Night Shift on the Support Line 8:24 10 Fantasy/Comedy info Author
The Odour of Sanctity 58:25
(of 1:38:11 total, starting at 4:29)
46 SF info StarShipSofa
The Prize Beyond Gold 43:51 41 SF info Escape Pod
Reality 2.0 4:30 11 SF/Comedy info Author
Reality 2.0 * 4:10
(of 1:36:02 total, starting at 5:08)
45 SF/Comedy info StarShipSofa
Rush Hours 2:30 6 SF/Comedy info Author
Silence in Florence 28:53 27 SF info Tales of Old
Silence in Florence 28:26
(of 52:10 total, starting at 21:56)
24 SF info StarShipSofa
The Sounds That Come After Screaming 38:51 36 SF/Fantasy/Horror info Pseudopod
This Is How It Feels 37:37 26 SF info Escape Pod
Waiting for the Big Freeze 1:38 4 Horror info Author
Waiting for the Long Shrink 4:07 10 Horror info Author

* The podcast version of "Reality 2.0" is part of an omnibus.  The staff at StarShipSofa did an excellent narration and production, so I recommend their version over my recording, if you're OK with the long file size.

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